How to find your Income Tax Refund Status Online?

Finding out the status of your income tax refund is actually quite simple.

Log on to the address shown here:- Enter your Permanent Account Number. Choose the assessment year in which you have a tax refund and click Submit & there you have it.

Always file your Income Tax returns on time. A delay means losing out on the interest on your refund. Filing returns online saves time and ensures prompt refund of your taxes.

The status of your refund is available 10 days after the refund has been sent by the Assessing Officer to the refund banker.

The State Bank of India is the refund banker to the Income Tax Department. So SBI sends the income tax refunds to your account by ECS or by cheque or Demand Draft to your address.
You can choose either of the two modes of receiving your refund at the time of filing your returns. Please double check to ensure that your bank account details and postal address are correct.
A lot of refunds are returned to the Tax Department because the taxpayer has changed his residence without updating his records with the Tax Department.

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