Income Tax Planning & Tax Saving Investment Options in India

One of the most important steps that you could take towards tax savings and financial management is Tax Planning. We understand the importance of saving your hard earned money and offer the services of our expert Chartered Accountants who would analyze your individual income and your planned expenses and assist you in taking the necessary steps towards tax savings.

So, before you submit your 80C, 80D Deductions and Home Loan or House Rent Allowance (HRA) information to your HR Department - give this package a try - you might be in for a pleasant surprise with what you could save.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your income and planned expenses.
  • A personal tax professional assigned to your case.
  • Schedule one on one calls with your professional to discuss matters.
  • Salaried employees can save money by Salary Restructuring techniques recommended by the tax professional.
  • Receive a "Recommendation Report" handcrafted specifically to you.

What is Tax planning?

Tax planning is a primary component of financial management. You have to analyze your income, your deductions and your planned expenses for a financial year and then figure out an approximate tax liability. There are, of course, ways to increase your tax savings but that is possible only by meticulously planning both your expense and allowances thereby leading to effective tax planning.

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Types of Tax planning

You can plan your taxes by simply figuring out your income and your deductions and calculate your tax liability which is then taken out of your salary every month. But here is an effective tax planning tip: You have a lot of tax saving investments and tax saving options in India which allow you to not only increase your tax savings but also increase your income from these financial products. A master tax planner is one who can accurately determine his income for the year, use the maximum exemptions towards allowances and make maximum use of the available tax saving investmentsto the maximum tax savings.

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When should you start Tax Planning?

There are not a lot of people who do their tax planning in India. They might use some tax planning tips from friends here and there, but have never had a truly focused approach to becoming a super tax planner. With, you have the comfort of sitting in your home and having an expert work out the most effective and brilliant customized tax planning solution for you by suggesting ways to maximize your allowances and deductions and smartly putting your money in taxsaving investments and tax saving options. No wonder, is the number 1 service for tax planning in India.

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