Online Income Tax Return e-Filing for Salaried Employees

The most optimum online tax return filing solution for Salaried Employees. You can choose between filing your income tax return yourself or use the services of an expert to file your tax return or assist you in planning you taxes for the next financial year. We know you work hard all year round so we wanted to make sure we remove the burden of filing tax returns by providing you the best Income Tax Return eFilingsolution on the web. Best of all, you do not need to know anything about taxes to file your income tax return!! How awesome is that?

Self Service eFile

Self Service eFile


Expert Assist eFile

Expert Assist eFile


Premium Assist eFile

Premium Assist eFile


  • eFile Tax Returns in minutes.
  • Salary Form 16 Auto Processing.
  • Auto TDS Processing.
  • Refunds Auto Tracked.
  • Self-Serve Customer Service.
  • Let an expert eFile your tax return.
  • Upload all relevant income documents.
  • Expert analyses and processes your return.
  • Return filed on your approval.
  • Award winning expert communication tool.
  • A dedicated CA assigned to you till 31st March.
  • Set up one-on-one phone appointments with the CA.
  • CA eFiles your Tax Return.
  • Plan and save your taxes for the next year.
  • Customized Financial Saving and Investment Plan.
Why do Salaried Employees need to eFile their Income Tax Returns?

Online Filing of Income Tax Returns for Salaried Employees is now easier than ever! We have a whole team of expert tax professionals geared up to resolve just about any matter regarding Income Tax for Salaried Employees. Online Income Tax Return Filing for Salaried Employees is now mandatory as per the Indian Income Tax Department and as per the new Budget, February 28th 2015.

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When should you eFile your return?

The standard deadline for filing individual tax returns is 31st July every year. Therefore, the moment you get your Form 16 which shows the income you have earned and the Income Tax for Salaried Employees that has been deducted from your income, you should begin the online income tax return filing process.

5 Key Pointers to keep in mind by Salaried Employees when eFilingTax Returns:

  • Keep your Form 16 ready – this is the most important document that shows the amount of money you have earned, your deductions and the taxes that have been deducted by your employer from your hard earned Salary.
  • Check your bank statements for the total income from Savings Account Interest earned during the year – you need to report this in the Interest Income section in
  • Download form 26AS.This document shows the credit of all the Income Tax for Salaried employees that may have been deducted from your income.
  • Keep all your deduction documents ready – Your Life Insurance Premium payments, or Home Loan principle payment receipts, or Child Tuition Fee Payment receipts and your Medical Insurance payment receipts – for deductions under 80C and 80D. These form a very integral part of the Online Income Tax Return filing process for salaried employees.
  • Home Loan Documents – one of the corner stones for the online filing of Income Tax Returns for Salaried employees! No Income tax return is complete without them. This document helps you reduce your tax liability by reducing your income by the amount of interest you have paid on your home loan with a ceiling of 150,000.

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