Options for eFiling your Income Tax Returns

You can eFile your Income Tax Returns on makemyreturns in a matter of minutes.
We offer custom built services for various types of individuals - so it is important that you figure out the category you fall under.
Primary three categories of Individual Tax Payers:

Salaried Employees

This category of individuals forms the foundation of everything we do on makemyreturns. We love building online income tax eFiling solutions for the Salaried Employee. Our system is designed in the most intuitive way which aids the novice Income Tax eFiler into eFiling his tax returns without any tax knowledge whatsoever. So if you are ready with your Form 16 - click on Learn more to figure out the various services we offer the Salaried Employee.

Freelancers & Consultants

The entrepreneurs that make our great country what it is. We understand what it takes to build your own business and be self employed (after all we are a startup too) and therefore we built some awesome software to help our self employed professionals and consultants for eFiling their tax returns and taking control of their taxes as well. Click on learn more to figure out the various services we offer for Freelancers & Consultants.

Non Resident Indians

The Indians that make us proud in other countries. We salute you. We know how important it is to keep your financial status in India in order while you are hard at work abroad. We understand the importance of remitting money to your loved ones in India and the taxation of such matters. We also understand the critical nature of making important investments in India so that you get the biggest bang for your buck. Click on learn more to understand the various services we offer Non Resident Indians.

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